NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
eth-erc721ERC-721 'NFT' token interface with example developer badge token contract Louis Holbrook2023-08-06 15:19
funga-ethEthereum implementation of the funga keystore and signer Louis Holbrook2023-06-24 23:17
chainlib-ethEthereum implementation of the chainlib interface Louis Holbrook2023-10-29 10:50
eth-monitorMonitor and cache ethereum transactions with match filters Louis Holbrook2023-08-19 10:04
chaind-ethQueue server for ethereum Louis Holbrook2023-06-07 09:51
chainqueueBlockchain transaction queue control Louis Holbrook2022-11-14 08:12
eth-erc712ERC712 typed data sign material builder Louis Holbrook2023-03-29 14:06
eth-erc20ERC20 interface and example giftable token contract Louis Holbrook2023-08-06 15:14
eth-cacheEthereum chain data caching tools Louis Holbrook2023-08-06 13:07
chaindBase package for chain queue serviceBase package for chain queue service Louis Holbrook2023-06-07 09:15
chaintool-docChaintool documentation Louis Holbrook2023-06-09 06:53
chainlibGeneric blockchain access library and tooling Louis Holbrook2023-08-14 16:33
fungaSigner and keystore daemon and library for cryptocurrency software development Louis Holbrook2023-06-24 22:59
chainsyncerBlockchain syncer driver Louis Holbrook2023-08-21 06:57